Where To Get An Adoption Loan

Many couples pursuing adoption don’t have enough reserves to cover a private adoption. Whether adopting domestically or internationally, average fees for adoption can reach well over $40,000. A lot of adopting families use fundraising, retirement accounts, or even home equity loans. But for others who don’t have those resources, where do you begin?  

Thankfully more financial institutions are offering creative financing for adoption funding. Even five years ago an adopting family was only able to use credit cards, home equity, or receive funds from friends and family willing to help. You’ll want to check out your lender thoroughly as each lending institution has different requirements, ranging beyond credit requirements. If you aren’t able to find a loan through a traditional lending institution the following may hold some options for you.  


Did you know Adoption.com has loan options? It takes just two minutes to get rates to you.


Lightstream funding is affiliated with Suntrust Bank. Lightstream offers a variety of adoption loans ranging from $5,000 – $100,000. Interest rates vary by amount and repayment terms but can be as low as 5.49% (with automatic payment) up to 17.49%. You can check out their site for a listing of available lending amounts, terms, and interest rates.


Abba fund is an adoption assistance program for Christian families. They provide interest free loans ranging in amounts from $6,000-8,000.  While they do not provide full amount loans, any amount interest free is a win-win. They have a multi-use application for loans and grants offered through their institution. Check out their site for additional information. 


America’s Christian Credit Union is a credit union geared toward Christian clients. Loans through the credit union cover domestic and international adoptions. Including travel expenses for international adoption. They provide loans up to $50,000, for terms to 84 months. Interest rates start at 5.99%.


The National Adoption Foundation offers loans ranging in the amounts of $5,000-$50,000. They offer loans at personalized interest rates according to your credit and past loan history. You can apply and get a two-minute response for an estimated interest rate in two minutes with no impact to your credit score. An official rate and application will require a hard credit inquiry.